Just the Beginning

quote 1I have completed my first week as a ‘wanderer’ and it has been quite exhilarating to not have a schedule.

This is not to say I don’t make plans altogether, however, if I decide I want to go somewhere there is no particular time or date I have to be there. I find myself fitting more into a day than ever before because I am doing what motivates me rather than what has to be done.

This week in summary:

I visited family friends in Aurora, Illinois who were kind enough to make me a delicious dinner and offer me a bed and shower for the night. I then spent two full days driving with a stop at Niagara Falls on Friday. I finally made it to my destination in upstate New York Friday night where I met up with a friend I am staying with for a while.

We spent the weekend at her family’s cabin on Lake Four (that’s really the name) in the Adirondack Mountains. Let me just say, WOW! If you have never had the pleasure of visiting upstate New York in the summer, do it. I never realized how beautiful it is. Then we rounded the long weekend off with a visit to the New York State Fair and Green Lakes State Park.

The Details:

Aurora, IL is not for me. That really all there is to it, too many people and horrible traffic.


Niagara falls are beautiful, as all national parks are, it is amazing to see the power of water and listen to it rush by. However, it made me sad to see all of the chaos and tourism that has sprung up around them. There is shopping and food everywhere, parking starts at $10, if the lot is not full, and goes up from there. (One lot wanted $20) I did discover if you are willing to walk a little, there is free two hour parking along the street, that’s really all you need if you don’t want to take a tour.

What appalled me was the littering and total disregard for nature, there were bit of trash left on the lawn all over the place. I2015_0904_12513200 do not blame the park for this, no, I blame the laziness of people. There were plenty of trash cans around, someone just didn’t care enough to walk ten feet and throw it away.

There is also free wifi, if you can’t stand enjoying a beautiful view without checking Facebook or you can just ignore the falls altogether as most people were doing.

I found refuge next to an older woman who looked as upset as I was. We sat in silence and listened to the water rush by until some teenagers sat down next to us and started swearing. With a silent acknowledgment we parted ways.

If I ever visit again I will make sure to go to the Canadian side, which I am told is much better.

Finally upstate New York, and as I said, it is beautiful. Tall trees and hills with views for miles with cute small towns and lakes dotting the landscape. The Eight Lakes in 2015_0906_09112900the Adirondack Mountains, with the number associated as a namesake, are a wonderful sight. I had the pleasure of staying on Lake Four, and while it was over Labor Day Weekend so it was quite busy, it was incredibly relaxing.

New York State Fair was large and exciting, and while I had an excellent time, I am a bit bias because I come from a state with an amazing fair of its own. (Iowa State Fair)

Green Lakes State Park was a quite trip for me, we had already fit a lot into the day we went and didn’t have very much time. We did however, fit in a walk around the larger lake and it was totally worth the stop. The lake is glacial water so it is incredibly clear and has a very unique greenish/blue hue.


All in all this week has been a blast so far. I will be staying around through the weekend then heading out on my next adventure with an unknown destination.

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