I have spent the last week and a half in Texarkana.texas-arkansas-state

First I would like to say if you have never heard of Texarkana you are not alone, not even a little. The only time anyone knows what I’m talking about is if they are of a certain age and remember it from the beginning of Smokey and the Bandit. (They have the beer)
As the name suggests, it sits half in Texas and half in Arkansas.  It’s lacking in outdoor activities and culture but mixed in with all the chain stores are some pretty awesome shopping spots. Throw in a few good restaurants and a church on every corner and it’s not a bad place to visit. Although I imagine not a first choice as it is within a not so bad drive of Shreveport one way and Hot Springs then Little Rock the other.PicsArt_10-22-02.04.53

I spent most of my time relaxing with family but we did make a few day trips. Also, I found the largest sour cream I have ever seen at the grocery store. So my trip was definitely a success!

The big day trip was to Hot Springs National Park, per my request. I went ready to see some amazing springs and nature and was a little disappointed with what I found.

The natural springs have all been capped off to avoid contamination, while i completely understand why, it’s sad that all you see are green covers where nature once ran free. There are a few places to see the actual springs, along a paved walkway behind and around the buildings, but it did little to fulfill my appetite for what I had expected to see.


12118687_2631924995729_1263323361054262662_nNow, this being said, it was a good trip. The town of Hot Springs has some really nice shopping and the National Park12112150_2631913875451_5773527564145481278_n Welcome center is in an old bathhouse that you can tour and read all about the old treatments. There is a brewery that has been converted from an old bathhouse and also a few active bathhouses still in operation.

The park also has a loop you can drive to see the highest peak and walking trails throughout.  But as far as National Parks go, this one is very small. I checked it off my list and I am glad that I went but it is not something I will boast about or recommend to someone looking for amazing scenery and adventurous hikes.

Side note.. Hot Springs Arkansas has an AMAZING science museum, Mid America Science Museum. I was with kids so this gave me an excuse to act like one and totally enjoy every exhibit to its fullest. I highly recommend you check it out if you find yourself in the area!


The rest of my time was spent enjoying my family and relaxing a bit before heading out again. It was really nice to have the opportunity to spend so much time with my sister and I hope to  make it back again soon.

If you ever do pass through Texarkana, here are a few places I usually make sure to stop.

B.Jaxx – Awesome clothing and accessories arranged by color, they have the whole rainbow here. The first time I walked in it was like I found my home.

Taste and See Chocolates and Gelato – This one speaks for itself. My sister and I got to speak with the owner when we were in there and it was really a great stop.

Chicken Express – This is a chain..but…the chicken is amazing, I do believe it’s soaked in love, dreams, and happy thoughts before being fried and served with delicious gravy.

Naaman’s Championship BBQ – YUM! If you like BBQ and even if you don’t, you will love this place.

Fuji Kim’s Sushi and Grill – Awesome yummy Fresh Asian food. I have eaten here EVERY time I have visited.

Four States Fair and Rodeo – My visits have never lined up with this, but if yours does I hear it is definitely worth it.

Fun Fact: There is a narcissistic foot doctor whose giant add on a few billboards and the practice sign features a close up of his face looking at an x-ray, it brings me such joy and I can’t help but giggle every time I see it.

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