But really, the pizza!

Last night I spent sometime outside at an hour of the night (well morning) that I have not been conscious for in some time. I was hoping to see the meteor shower Leonid that peaked between midnight and dawn. Well sadly, I did not see any meters but I did spend a good twenty minutes enjoying the stars. Something about Texas just makes the sky bigger, the sunsets grander, and the stars shine a little brighter. Had I been more prepared with blankets and a comfy lounging chair I would have gladly spent hours looking up and dreaming dreams.

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But it gets really dark here at night and while that makes for great star gazing, my creepy senses go bezerk at every rustle of a tree so I didn’t stay out long. Not to mention there have been coyotes crying nearby for the last few weeks.

PicsArt_11-17-06.14.40This morning I was glad for my choice though as a Ginny-hen and a rooster were both taken at some point in the evening/night. To make things even better my ‘I will eat if first then decide if it’s bad’ dog was the finder of one of their remains. It was gross, that’s all I will share.

Anyway, so far my time at this little farm has been amazing. The things I have learned are far beyond what I was expecting and the people I get to spend time with are excellent company.

Farm Fresh Eggs

If you missed earlier posts, I am WWOOFing, or volunteering on an organic farm. This is my first experience and it has been very rewarding. Not to mention it is a great way to get out and explore the country and try new things. Check out the website and see all of the countries that offer the program here.

Tomatoes for the farmers market

11416228_2647156776514_6628755877874342625_nI am about forty minutes outside of Austin and have had the pleasure of visiting briefly for a day and let me say I have every intention to go back. Something about the people and lifestyle there intrigues me. Also, I was so surprised and delighted to hear that every store in Austin does not offer plastic sacks, it is your responsibility to bring reusable bags. That’s right, all of them, from grocery stores to craft stores, th11220800_2647083094672_5617689196382775180_nere are no plastic bags. Way to go Austin!

Also, I ate some really great pizza at Home Slice Pizza. I mean, Extraordinary pizza!

I also visited Bastrop State Park a week ago. It was hit horribly by a major forest fire in 2011 that effected 90% of the park (More Here).

Then again the week I arrived some of the park was burned by another fire. It was easy to see that it had been an amazing place to visit in its prime and will be again someday. The underbrush is growing back where it can and hopefully someday the trees will stand tall again.

I have many more places to visit and I hope to share more of the local areas while I am here through the end of the year.

There are some really exciting things planned for next year too and I can’t wait to take you along with me!


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